Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jackson Pollock Style Floor Treatment

It was fun to pretend to be
Jackson Pollock  for a minute or two. At the least, it made one want to study his methods.


When it came time to bring Lollipops & Polka Dots Variety Shop to the home "studio" garage, it was time also to do something about that awful peel-n-stick floor.

First things first; it had to be cleaned. Scrubbed, and scrubbed. This old garage conversion has holes all over and is like a sieve. It was converted for the previous owners to place an elder in to live. (Don't know how they survived.)
Only 1/2 of the space has these tiles on it. Of course all the contents of the room had been shoved to the other side which is concrete. One side at a time. The picture above this one is after this scrubbing and it was ready for a high adhesive primer...
Much better already. This was a Glidden product and worked especially well. Very happy with the quality and results. (no sponsorship here, just a happy camper) Whenever something works well, it is hard not to recommend it. That's the point of something being good. It will sell itself, without paying. Kudos Glidden!
The next step was to paint on a base coat as a background. To be sure there would be enough, several cans of left-overs were combined, adding only the shades that would create the undertones desired. Knowing that it would all "brown/gray" out, cool undertones were chosen to keep it fresh seeming.
Now for the Jackson Pollock fun!

 Be sure to put on a pair of old shoes or socks you won't mind throwing away. (could always frame as their own "work of art"?)
You could always tape up some paper to keep the "slings" from throwing up on the wall, or you could just paint over it "later". (Ms. SpoolTeacher's famous last words)


Start slingin'...

Use your intuition...

Get into it...

Let your mind go...have fun...don't think too hard...


Clean up the walls "later", maybe?
Maybe not? Kinda looks cool?
Try to balance the distribution so there is a sense of unity throughout. 
Don't let the doggies in until it dries...unless of course, their "signatures" are required.

(See Ms. Purple-haired Annie up on the shelf?)

(Polka Dot Chairs hand spray painted by Ms. Spool Teacher)

This arrangement didn't last very long. It was too much of a sieve, the dirt and dust were impossible to keep at bay, the weather was too hard to control, the City came a callin'...The "studio" really needs an overhall. But; The Shoppe is home, in holding, waiting on the next miracle!

There's always HOPE.

This was the room before...so, high 5 Ms. SpoolTeacher. A job well done!
(you don't even want to know..!)

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