Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lilly Doesn't Paint

Kit cat, (Little Lilly), like most felines, wants to be wherever she can most likely get in the way. 

She especially likes to lunge to a flat position on the floor as close to where I may be able to step on her.
Then she sees something that interests her more and she forgets she is trying to be annoying.
She thought she wanted to help until I asked her to pick up a paint brush.

So she goes off to see what other kind of trouble she can get into. Eventually, she makes herself comfortable on her (temporary) perch and starts vocalizing little crazy utterances that let bugs and birds know she is on the lurch.

The bedroom project launched when
I realized my television viewing could be maximized by working on a creative project simultaneously.

My sister has come to stay for a while so we have kind of divided up the house to accommodate animal issues and give each other some privacy.

Since my TV is in my bedroom, I tend to retire there each evening like it is a prison cell.

I thought I would give it a Martha Stewart kind of respect, maybe enjoy it more.

Since I no longer have a Brick and Mortar for my retail sales, all those items have come to my garage studio to be placed in limbo until I get a new location. It has crowded my sewing activities and I thought I could utilize my prison cell for more opportunity to play in that arena.

These are some pictures of the progress I have made to date.
I am using all of the furnishings I already have in new ways to accommodate all of the little doodads and fabric pieces I am currently interested in working with for laptop projects.

I have found as many storage boxes as I can that will look good in the scheme of things and am actively putting things in more order as I go.

Memorial weekend, Ace had a rebate on paint. I hate rebate sales, but I really wanted to paint. I had closet shelf brackets in my stash from my shop and knew what I wanted to do. I had thought about making my second room a walk in closet; but since it is filled with boxes getting ready to be "re-hoarded" in the garage studio, I wasn't about to transfer all of them that day, so I decided to try it in my own "sleeping/prison" quarters. 

I bought two gallons of a lighter blue color eggshell and took them home to get started. I got a light gray color in spray paint to change the brackets from blaring white to a color that would blend in better with the walls. (I wasn't about to hand paint all those brackets the wall color)(well, maybe later....maybe not!)

Lilly offered to put up the table but it was too cumbersome for her, so I had to step in.
Thanks anyway, Lil' Lills. You're a good flat cat.

Since Lilly refused to paint, I had to do it all myself. I stopped in the corner by the TV because that wall has to be repaired before I can continue.
Nothing is easy. I really want to take that wall out and put in a slider or push the wall out. We'll see.

Sis stepped in to take a look and advised me she thought I should leave the panels on the doors dark and just paint around them. Great idea sis!

It's interesting that such a simple decision has had the effect of giving that wall a vertical orientation.

I finished putting up all the brackets and tried them out with some left over shorter panels of wood shelving I had around.
Next day, I went to the local lumber yard and got 3-16 foot lengths of board and brought them home to paint and cut. Dowels too.

I would realize that I could get longer lengths of dowels at Ace, so now I have some extra, painted blue doweling..I'm sure it will find a perfect home.
I didn't want to have to splice pieces if not absolutely necessary.

Up went the shelves and I contoured the edges so I wouldn't kill myself coming and going from the room or getting to the closet. It just looks nicer too.

Lilly and I started deciding where everything should be put. She suggested it all be placed for maximum kitty jumping and playing...and getting into mischief with pins and pin cushions.

I told her that pins on the floor are a danger so she skulked off to look for more birds and bugs to bother.

Things keep moving and getting better. I look at it for awhile and decide how I can edit it down to look less cluttered or where the furnishings can be placed for their maximum advantage...always with a kitty friendly consideration. 


Better yet...

Now that's what I'm talking about...
Kitty happy! Purr...fect!
Now to get some good bed coverings made up and some tile on the floor and, and, and...

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