Friday, September 16, 2011

Testing, Testing

Nothing is safe. No surface, wall or piece of furniture...from the "Paint-Brush Monster". (S)he come from nowhere fast and leaves evidence of neurosis everywhere.

 A project will get started and finished and then, someday down the road, it will morph into something altogether different (color wise that is, the Brush-Monster knows no boundaries)
 Sometimes the results turn out pretty good:
Sometimes they get changed, out of necessity, and aren't quite as awesome:
Good ole Staple Table was needed for a Higher Excellence...
 Things just happen...testing, testing...
 Then all of a sudden, a purpose comes along...the room is "needed". It feels so good to be needed.
 Paint Brush Monster seems to behave a little better; although (s)he is somewhat of a procrastinator, making excuses like: "the wall needs to be renovated, so I had to stop in that corner"...) Yeah, yeah, yeah!

(Most) all of these pictures represent the Paint Brush Monster's folly somewhere in Ms. SpoolTeacher's house. Eventually, Paint Brush Monster got groove back and harnessed some restraint, resulting in more appropriate behavior.But for quite awhile, his/her talents, neurosis were being exhibited fully. (We put up with it, but let no, NO, No one in the house)
However; most of these represent out of control, anxiety neurosis. Self-actualization was in the process and freedom reigned.


Picket Fence White (Ralph Lauren in Glidden) v has replaced Your Highness (Ace Purple)^

Paint Brush Monster wants to reveal some of his/her better times of life and will post some of his/her better work...eventually. Stay tuned...

Here is a sample of Floor Monsters contributions to the folly at Ms. SpoolTeacher's house...(he/she'll have to answer for him/herself...eventually)
  It just never stops...the craziness...will we ever be able to invite friends over?

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